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Acura Parts dont come as easy as their sister Honda

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Acura started in 1986 as a way for Honda to expand its U.S. dealer network without alienating the existing one. Initially it consisted of two model lines: the Legend and the Integra. The venture was driven by Honda’s desire for entry into the luxury-car segment. Market research showed there was a limit to how much people would pay for a Honda, regardless of how posh it was. These efforts were initially confined to North America. Acura is gradually introducing the brand to other markets, with their home market due to receive it soon.

Honda knew that Acura was a good idea when Toyota and Nissan copied it a few years later. Of the three ventures, it could be fairly said that Lexus has been the most successful. But it can also be said that Acura has introduced some of the most unique and entertaining cars sold anywhere. At the top would be the NSX. It is basically an Italian supercar built in Japan and sold for a quarter of the price. Although production of these cars was never large, they were effective in raising the profile of Acura’s products.

Being essentially Hondas, Acura cars come under the same guidelines when it comes to repairs and parts. Body parts are not common in salvage yards, but the dealer network is very customer-oriented. Parts that are not locally available are expedited from around the country. Mechanical parts are shared, mostly, with Hondas. These can be obtained easily, and the aftermarket offers robust support. Repairs are best sourced at the dealer or a specialist mechanic. It’s not so much that the cars are difficult to work on, or too complex, but that they are different. A mechanic who is familiar with Acura’s production and service practices can perform more timely and effective repairs. In particular, Acura’s engine assembly practices are very different from those of others.

Acuras are innovative and excellent cars. They are a pleasure to own, and seldom need to be repaired. The extra work that Honda put into the brand has paid off.