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Saturn parts aren’t gone just a little further away than before

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Ever since Roger Penske opted out of buying the Saturn name, things went downhill for both the company’s employees and customers. He falsely raised everyone’s hopes by considering the brand, but recently, he went back on his decision. Don’t lose hope yet; there are still plenty of back-ordered parts and experts on the vehicles make-up.
Places like Firestone, Jiffy Lube, and Pep Boys will still be able to do repairs and maintenance on your Saturn as always, but acquiring certain parts may be more difficult than in previous years. Saturn cars are still made with GM parts, and the automobile mogul has been smart enough to use similar (if not identical) parts in all of its brands, making ordering and repairing an easy task.
Ordering parts can still be done online, through GM, or through an auto shop that specializes in repairs. The brand’s demise was a recent one; there are still numerous cars and options out there. A word of caution: Just because most of the parts can still be purchased, don’t get too comfortable. Depending on how old your model is, you may run into problems within a few years. Small parts like automatic window switches or locks may be scarce as time goes on, but there are almost always alternatives to dealership parts.
Saturn’s cars are showing up more frequently on used car lots now that the company has gone under, due to owners panicking about parts and other scheduled maintenance. Just because the dealership isn’t open any longer doesn’t mean you can’t get your car fixed; you may not be able to get an exact replica through your insurance company in the event of a car accident (resulting in a totaled vehicle), but there are still Saturns out there for consumers. Saturn is a relatively fuel-efficient, family-friendly car, and they are still available if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.