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Buick Parts hit the Chinese Market

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Thanks to the latest edition to the Chinese Buick automobiles on the Chinese market, more Buick auto parts will now be manufactured and shipped overseas. GM’s latest addition to the Chinese market, the Excelle XT, is the latest five-door vehicle to hit the streets and highways of the country. Designed to accommodate the compact hatchback enthusiast, it will be available for sale in Chinese showrooms across the country in 2010.

The Excelle is designed in the same manner as the soon to be released Chevrolet Cruze, with a front-wheel drive mechanism. The car will be available with three different engine choices: a 1.6L turbocharged version with 181 hp and as much as 196 lb-ft torque while operating in the Superboost mode, a peppy 1.8L mill, 128-hp engine, or a smaller, naturally aspired 1.6L, 116-hp four-cylinder version. A manual transmission is not available with this model at this time. Instead, an automatic gear box with six-speed capabilities come standard.

While a business relationship exists between Buick and the Chinese auto industry overseas, obtaining Buick auto parts may prove to be difficult for some. Should repairs be necessary, Excelle owners may have to request their replacement parts from American manufacturing companies. Shipment of these parts may be costly and time consuming. Buick is currently working to establish additional manufacturing plants in China to accommodate these needs.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind as related to this latest Buick model is whether or not the Excelle XT will grace American soil, where it would be welcomed among other similar models such as the LaCrosse and the Regal in the domestic lineup. For Americans, the sedan with four doors seems to make more practical sense and appeals to Buick’s home-grown image and buyer’s tastes. Therefore, it is possible that a four door version of the Excelle may be introduced to the U.S. market in the future. Certainly, obtaining Buick auto parts for this model would be much easier within the states than overseas. In some cases, the consumer could simply call the parts department of GM and order the items themselves!